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The Infopolitics of Race: Segregation by Data, 1923-1938 (2015)

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A/Prof. Colin Koopman (University of Oregon), “The Infopolitics of Race: Segregation by Data, 1923-1938”

Contemporary political assemblages from mass surveillance to finance capitalism to big data suggest that we may be in the midst of new political conditions. Many have sought to conceptualize these assemblages in such terms as “the information society” or “new media culture” while others would amalgamate them as an ideological effect of “neoliberalism”. But a different conceptualization of the stakes of our contemporary political transformations would enable us to attend to new modes of power that are redefining the very terms of the politics of the now. Are we in the midst of emerging political landscapes that cannot be comprehended under previous conceptualizations of power, such as the sovereign power of the state, the disciplinary power of training, and the biopower of regulation? If so, we may need an…

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Written by Colin Koopman

December 2, 2015 at 9:49 pm

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