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Genealogy as Critique: Foucault and the Problems of Modernity

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Got the proofs for the next book today.  The ms. will soon be a real little object.

Publisher information at the Indiana UP website.  As it says there:

“Viewing Foucault in the light of work by Continental and American philosophers, most notably Nietzsche, Habermas, Deleuze, Richard Rorty, Bernard Williams, and Ian Hacking, Genealogy as Critique shows that philosophical genealogy involves not only the critique of modernity but also its transformation. Colin Koopman engages genealogy as a philosophical tradition and a method for understanding the complex histories of our present social and cultural conditions. He explains how our understanding of Foucault can benefit from productive dialogue with philosophical allies to push Foucaultian genealogy a step further and elaborate a means of addressing our most intractable contemporary problems.”

(I never post anymore, but that’s not for lack of good news, so much as for abundance of it.)

Written by Colin Koopman

September 21, 2012 at 3:00 am

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  1. Sweet! I need to read this–I’m interested to see your suggestions regarding “our most intractable contemporary problems” and what you mean by “genealogy as method”…I’m even more on the method bandwagon these days, though I’m trying to figure out where it fits in next to justification and procedure. The education world is absolutely obsessed with procedure (curriculum, pedegogy, classroom mgmt, etc.) and is clueless about its fundamental justifications, which I think leads to very poor method (which seems to be an outgrowth of justification and gives rise to procedure). Some quick, inarticulate thoughts here:

    Nathan Pai Schmitt

    September 21, 2012 at 3:14 am

  2. I checked out your site. I think Foucault’s Lectures on Abnormal at the College de France 1974-75 ways pretty much what you want.I have walked a million miles in your shoes Have you read Summerhill, Sylvia Aston-Warner, Kozol, and so many others to feed you. I have come to think that it is the institution itself. In the classroom situation if have used my freedom in various places to experiment in many different ways. It is absolutely necessary to understand “resistance” as it is used psychoanalytically, in the classroom and how to address it. If you can’t or won’t then you are going to flail. Seduction is always possible. Hillary Swank’s method in her movie on a real situation worked. Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds showed another way. I was at Miquon in 1966-67 and I did a completely unstructured classroom,and it was wonderful, but I didn’t get invited back. I have always done well in the classroom, been loved by parents, and mostly despised by administrators. Questioning authority is not popular. At the same time I have a love of education and culture and I want to see them learn. At community College of Philadelphia I lasted over 10 years, mostly because I was an adjunct and took classes at hours nobody else wanted. Also wonderful. I really don’t think anything I ever did could be communicated to anyone else nor replicated.

    At the moment I am deep in Baudrillard. BTW have you seen The Dark Knight Rises. Depending on the ages I would be working with, I think now I would approach most everything through Virtual Reality games or popular media. What they are fascinated with. How to read it through other media. You could read what I have done with Twilight and Cosmopolis and that should give you an idea. I would have done Twilight with an English class at any level of sophistication. Same with Cosmopolis but unfortunately the profs teaching it don’t understand it very well. Read Cosmopolis through Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead and Atlas and Zizek in his JARS essay and you will get where I am. Right now I am working on all the Rob Pattinson fangirls on internet sites. They know I love the characters and the actors so they can find no fault with me on that score, but I am thinking differently from them. Out of the Dominating Discourse. I was the one that with a core of others demolished this recent scandal of Stewart- Sanders and Pattinson.

    Sorry to go on so long. Here’s genealogy through Eclipse (Twilight Saga) Feel free to read me engage with me and talk day to day teaching stuff. I love it.


    October 24, 2012 at 11:23 pm

  3. I want this book NOW!!! thanks.


    January 27, 2014 at 5:07 pm

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